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Mental Wealth International

Creating WorkplaceWellbeing for All

Mental Wealth International founded by Emma Weaver. With over two decades managing mental health services the recognition of more needing to be done to support people in the construction industry and other employers, gyms and Tech, lead to founding the organisation. Listening to the needs and tailoring each package to the workforce is unique only to Mental Wealth International.


Enhances cultures of wellbeing in the workplace. To create a positive working environment by minimising stress levels, improving employee satisfaction and engagement, and ultimately helping your employees thrive at work. We believe a happy and healthy workforce is essential.

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By supporting your teams, providing training, workshops and a staff wellbeing review, not only will you reduce sick leave, improve the workplace environment and create a culture of wellbeing you will become an employer of choice.

A Message From The Founder

Mental health awareness and suicide prevention are just as important as occupational safety issues and now is the time to focus on creating a safe culture, providing training to your entire staff, raising awareness of the problem, making resources available to all employees, and normalising conversations around mental health.


What They Say

I have recently completed my Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) with Mental Wealth International. This 2 day course was so valuable. The content, the structure and engagement in discussions around the various subjects on so many differences in what mental health really means. This course has given me outstanding knowledge and skills on how to cope, intervene when necessary.

Patricia Breslin

Emma delivered a first class wellbeing session. Our team and member benefited greatly and implemented the strategies that are still benefiting us now. Emma brought a holistic approach to achieve mental wealth in both mind and body. We would highly recommend this service.


We worked with Mental Wealth International  over 6 months, where Emma created a wellbeing strategy that we never had in place before. As soon as we sat down with Emma, she made us feel at ease and assured us of the benefits. Emma's professionalism and knowledge around workplace wellbeing is second to none and has been very beneficial to our company.

Serenity Press

MWI Services

Mental Health First aid, this is a fully certified training course and comes in three packages. Fully certified by NUCO.

Level 3 a two day training,

Level 2 a one day training and

Level 1 a half day mental health first aid awareness session.


Wellbeing workshops tailored to the workplace environment. These Wellness sessions provide people with the tools to enhance and maintain their wellbeing, self-care, mindset mastery and resilience are incorporated in these. These support the culture of wellbeing within the organisation placing value on employees and wellbeing. 


Focussing on employee wellbeing with the following 5 steps.

  1. Consultations

  2. Wellbeing Review

  3. Analysis

  4. Recommendations

  5. Review 


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